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 +====== My Internet does not work (anymore) ======
 +An account within the <php> echo cygnus_netname();​ </​php>​ must be setup before the Internet can be used.
 +A direct usage after connecting your computer is not possible since you first need to setup the login system software.
 +The setup of the Internet account is described in detail [[en:​support:​firststeps:​start|here]].
 +If the Internet is not working after full setup, you can find some additional hints here, which might help with the diagnosis of common errors.
 +==== Check network settings ====
 +The network connection must not be disabled. Under Windows you can check this by right-clicking on the symbol of the LAN connection in the list of network connections.
 +The IP address must be acquired automatically from our servers.
 +    * under Windows the configuration of the IP address and DNS server address must be set to be acquired **automatically**.
 +    * using macOS the configuration must be set to **DHCP** on the Ethernet connection.
 +    * Linux operating systems must be configured to get the IP address through **DHCP** using a DHCP client.
 +If your settings differ, please [[en:​support:​internet:​checklan|fix your settings]] any try again to connect to the Internet.
 +==== Check physical connection ====
 +After checking the network settings, you should try to open the site <php> echo cygnus_supsite();​ </​php>​.
 +If this works, the connection to the local network is operating.
 +If not there might be no physical link to the local network.
 +If the computer has a link LED, you can check this using this LED (green LED at the network socket).
 +If it does not light up or blink but was in operation before, there is no physical connection anymore.
 +In addition, disable the proxy server settings of your browser and try to use another browser.
 +A loss of network connectivity can be caused by the following issues:
 +  * your [[en:​support:​blocked|network socket is locked]]. You can detect this by calling the [[en:​tecsup|hotline]].
 +  * the network cable connecting the network socket with your computer is broken. Please change the cable.
 +  * the network cable is not plugged in fully into the network socket. This might happen if the clip is broken.
 +  * the network card is broken. If your network card is broken, you can try to replace it with a network USB adapter (external network card). You can also try to plug-in a computer of a neighbour, to check if your network socket is broken or not. Network cards have a limited number of contact durability. If the gold coating is dim or dirty your network card might not work anymore.
 +  * in rare cases it can happen that the connecting cable to the room is broken. A broken connecting cable can only be diagnosed by the [[en:​tecsup|technical support]].
 +Please only continue to the next section, if you are able to open <php> echo cygnus_supsite();​ </​php>​.
 +==== Check account/​login ====
 +Open the web page <php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();​ </​php>​ and try to login to check your <php> echo cygnus_netname_en();​ </​php>​ account and your login (user name and password).
 +Please do not use the function **passwordless login**.
 +If you can login, your user name and password are correct and your account works.
 +If you **cannot** login, the user name is wrong or the password is wrong or the registration is incomplete or non-existent.
 +The registration is incomplete, if you did not receive the e-mail sent during the registration or you did not click on the **activation link** in this e-mail.
 +In that case you can try to request the e-mail from another Internet access and click on the activation link.
 +If you cannot do that or you cannot login on <php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();​ </​php>​ after you did it, please delete your account and register again through [[en:​support:​reset|password reset]].
 +Choose this option also if you have forgotten your password.
 +Go to the next section only after you can login on <php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();​ </​php>​.
 +==== Check Internet Login ====
 +Try to login via Internet Login.
 +If you cannot login, install the Internet Login again: [[en:​support:​firststeps:​start|Setup Internet]].
 +For users of Windows operating systems please take a look at [[en:​support:​internet:​win:​error|Windows PPTP VPN errors]].
 +{{fa>​exclamation}} Many problems are caused by damaged Windows operating systems.
 +If you use an old Windows installation with other errors, we recommend to install the operating system again.