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 +====== Network cable ======
 +Network cable which are not at least Cat 5e FTP or better do **NOT** fulfill the requirements of the network standard of GBit ethernet of the <php> echo cygnus_netname();</​php>​.
 +In many cases such substandard network cable cause problems like slow network connection or disconnects.
 +Often those problems do only occur after some time, so that localizing the network cable as cause for the problem is rather difficult.
 +==== Compatible network cables ====
 +For the connection with the <php> echo cygnus_netname();</​php>​ it is therefore strongly recommended to use one of the listed network cable types (check print on cable):
 +    * Cat 5e FTP, SFTP or SSTP
 +    * Cat 6/Cat 6a SFTP or SSTP
 +    * Cat 7 SFTP or SSTP
 +The network cable should have a **metal shield around the connector**:​
 +{{fa>​exclamation}} Most network cables which are provided with wifi routers are **NOT** of one of the above recommended types and should therefore be replaced.
 +**Do not use a simple Cat 5 cable!**