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 +====== Passwordless authentication ======
 +==== Internet Login ====
 +If the user can be identified unequivocally through the network socket in his room and if the used device is accepted for passwordless authentication (these are devices by manufacturer TP-Link and Apple),
 +passwordless login, even with incorrect login credentials (like wrong user ID or password), will be permitted.
 +The advantage of this is that even in cases where the user has wrong credentials configured in his Internet login data (e.g. wrong password or user name, or a typo), Internet access is available.
 +However, this feature does only work if the connected device can be unequivocally identified and matched to the network socket of the user.
 +==== Netstat website access ====
 +Passwordless authentication on <php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();</​php>​ is possible if the access is carried out through an existing Internet dial-in connection.
 +In addition, passwordless authentication is possible without an existing dial-in connection if the access is carried out from the network socket of one's own room in cases where the network socket can be identified unequivocally and matched to the user.
 +In shared apartments, for multiple rented properties and the like, passwordless authentication is usually not possible since unequivocally identification of the network socket is not given.