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 +====== Prepaid account ======
 +Additional data volume can be purchased through the <php> echo cygnus_netname();</​php>​ prepaid account. This can be done via PayPal.
 +Additional purchased data volume, which has not been used, will be transferred to the following month. If relocating or moving out the data volume credit will expire. A refund is not possible.
 +Price for additional purchased data volume is <php> echo cygnus_projectvar('​volume_costs'​);​ </​php>​ €/GByte.
 +Payments via PayPal can be executed on <php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();</​php>​ and usually are booked to the account one to several hours later. You will need your user ID and password (same as for Internet Login/VPN) to do so.