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 +====== Password reset ======
 +If you forgot your password, you can reset your account online.
 +To receive the reset link you need to have access to the e-mail address, which you used for registration of your <php> echo cygnus_netname();​ </​php>​ account (via smart phone or some other Internet access).
 +{{fa>​exclamation}} **It is important that the website is opened from a device which is connected to the network socket in your room.** Otherwise you will not be able to reset the account.
 +Working Internet access is not needed to access the account reset website.
 +<php> echo showButtonReset("​Account reset"​);​ </​php>​
 +After reset a new registration is possible where you can set a new password. The user ID remains the same and will be displayed during the sign up process.
 +<php> echo showButtonStartup("​Start registration"​);​ </​php>​