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 +====== Network security ======
 +Unfortunately it can happen, that computers get infected with malware (virus, trojans) within our network.
 +In addition to using a firewall and antivirus software, you should incorporate security principles to minimize the risk of your own computer getting infected or of data getting stolen or destroyed.
 +To protect other users, we can and will shutdown network sockets of users, whose computers are infected. You can find additional information on [[en:​support:​blocked|network socket lock]].
 +The following security principles should be obeyed by everyone:
 +  * usage of a computer firewall: under Windows you can use the firewall of the operating system. Please be aware that not all personal firewalls are compatible with the used PPTP VPN - especially under Windows 7 or higher. Additional information about this can be found under [[en:​support:​internet:​win:​disconnect|Network disconnects]]
 +  * usage of an antivirus software with up to date virus signatures
 +  * regular updates of operating system and security relevant software (like Browser and Browser Plugins)
 +  * general distrust to potentially faked e-mails, websites, etc.. Especially distrust against e-mails from banks, other e-mails (also from friends) with attached files, links from e-mails
 +  * regularly backups of important data on external storage (external hard disks, USB sticks, DVDs or CDs)
 +  * no open sharing of files, especially not with write permissions. There are more secure ways for data transfers
 +The <php> echo cygnus_netname();​ </​php>​ is protected by a basic firewall. A list of open ports can be found under [[en:​expert:​firewall|firewall]].