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 +====== Data volume ======
 +The <php> echo cygnus_netname();​ </​php>​ is a highspeed network. Each network socket connected to the fibre backbone is much faster than a standard DSL socket.
 +Due to this a single user can cause very high data volume traffic within a short period of time.
 +Each user connected to the fibre backbone has a data volume of <php> echo cygnus_projectvar('​free_volume'​);​ </​php>​ per month in incoming direction (download).
 +The use of data volume is multiplied **depending on daytime** as follows:
 +  * 10am-6pm 100%
 +  * 6pm-0am 400% (data volume is counted ​ **four times**)
 +  * 0am-10am 0% (**Happy-Hour**,​ no accounting)
 +Exluded from the accounting is data volume which is transferred within the <php> echo cygnus_netname();​ </​php>​ network.
 +After passing the <php> echo cygnus_projectvar('​free_volume'​);​ </​php>​ limit the account will be throttled to <php> echo cygnus_projectvar('​shape_speed'​);​ </​php>​.
 +This throttling will only be applied between 10am to midnight.
 +To speed up your account, additional data volume can be purchased for <php> echo cygnus_projectvar('​volume_costs'​);​ </​php>​ € per GByte over the [[en:​support:​prepaid|prepaid account]].
 +=== Overview current data volume: ===
 +<php> echo cygnus_netstatsite();​ </​php>​